Frequently Asked Questions

Why are AT&S moving in the field of component packaging with ECP®?
We see a huge potential to merge the “large format” flexible production methods and materials behind printed circuit board manufacture with the technology of the component packager to offer this next generation, integrated, component package. ECP® combines the best of both worlds in a flexible product that can offer solutions to the challenges in the Electronics Industry

What are the key benefits of ECP®?
ECP® is an Industry standard packaging technology that gives dramatic form factor reduction of Electronic Modules and Systems, with enhancement reliability performance together with improvements in electrical and thermal capability

How do I start a project using ECP®?
Simply contact our Product Management team (ecp@ats.net) and our dedicated resources for Project Management, Design and Production will work with you to identify first of all whether ECP® is going to achieve your requirements, and secondly to lay out the plan for the realisation of your product

Where is ECP® produced?
Our dedicated facility for Design, Project Management and Production is located in the heart of Europe – Leoben, Austria, guaranteeing the highest standards of project execution and confidentiality

What does the future look like for ECP®?
Today ECP® offers a solution to the integration challenge facing the leading edge Customer. The great thing is that this challenge can be predicted – devices must become smaller, more integrated, more reliable, and offer attractive Total Cost reduction opportunities. The roadmap we have for ECP® ensures that AT&S remains the world-leader with this packaging technology.

What about Intellectual Property – is ECP® protected?
AT&S owns a portfolio of patents that ensures we have full permission to produce and sell ECP® products for worldwide use