Mission & Vision

AT&S Purchasing ensures the competitiveness and the high quality standards of our customers by bringing their needs to our suppliers in coordination with the capability and needs of our global sites.

  • Transparency
  • Target orientation
  • Global teamwork
  • We focus on


To drive all AT&S purchasing volume on a global basis to ensure the highest grade of quality and competitiveness through a total cost approach for all AT&S locations.

Value Statement


  • Document all activities and decisions internally
  • Communicate rational of all activities and decisions externally

Target orientation

  • Plan & communicate goals
  • Provide targeted service to external partners

Global teamwork

  • Be flexible and responsive
  • Act as one stop shop

We focus on

  • contributing significantly to the overall success of the entire AT&S Group by:
  • Value driven suppliers that are growing and developing together with AT&S
  • Long term relationships with our suppliers and partners to ensure best available technology, quality and cost
  • Joint development and projects to increase the competitive standing of AT&S and its partners
  • Standardisation of products and services which are not providing a differentiation of ourselves from the competition
  • Suppliers with state-of-the-art supply chain performance and systems
  • Compliance with health and safety, environment protecting and quality standards (e.g. ISO 14001, ISO 900x, TS 16949) as well as our code of conduct