Research & Development

Innovation as driving force

Electronic industry is a well-known source for innovation since years. Especially innovations the field of information and communication technology have been able to impact not only technology but also the whole society. Today communication by means of electronic devices is available from nearly every location on this planet, new electronic solutions for mobility applications are increasing safety and reduce fuel consumption and new electronic technologies for medical applications are increasing our life expectancy.

As one of the most innovative PCB companies all over the world we develop highly integrated and efficient interconnect solutions for the total connected world of the future. For these developments we focus on 4 key development areas where numerous projects are executed on an international and interfunctional base.

Improving life through Innovation

Project Hermes

Goal of the HERMES project was to initiate a new mainstream packaging concept not bound by the existing supply chain, and by large-scale manufacturing technology. The project was aiming at further developing the concept of embedded thin chips into electronic boards, as a base for an integrated manufacturing of electronic circuits.